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Can your child really build self-esteem? The answer is YES! Based on 10 years of research and feedback from hundreds of happy families, these Audio Programs are specifically designed to engage children's own imagination and strengthen self-esteem.  

Developed in Denmark, in the story telling tradition of Hans Christian Andersen, and combined with modern success conditioning techniques, these programs have helped thousands of children.  Now this solid self-esteem building method is available in English.  Parents the world over are now using these programs to create lasting results for their children. - Not only do the programs work, children also love to listen to the stories again and again. 

A must have system for parents: Works great when your child needs a little quiet time, your child is on long trips in the car or simply needs to relax before bedtime.


Parents Rave

Happy children enjoying the benefits of self-esteem and happy family life

Families grow stronger. Parents see their children flourish and become more self assured.  When children have healthy self-esteem, they are more positive, help around the house and interact more easily with siblings, parents and friends at school...

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Three CD Package to help children build self-esteem

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If you prefer, we  now also offer the programs on two CDs: 'You're Great!' and 'Yes, You Can!' each containing two full lengths programs.  As a special introductory offer, buy both CDs and receive a third CD "You're the Best!" FREE.

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Strengthen your child's self-esteem. Programs specifically designed to condition your child's positive attitude.

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  • Increase Self Confidence
  • Fall Asleep Quickly
  • Succeed in School
  • Build self-esteem
  • Feel Accepted and Loved

These programs are designed to deliver quick and lasting results. Each program begins with soothing music and a guided relaxation exercise. This section calms the child and increases concentration. We then go on an adventure where your child is the hero.  

Each story is very carefully designed to engage your child's imagination and build self-esteem brick by brick. 

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