Self Esteem Building CD for Kids 4-8

You are Great - To stories that help children build more

Engaging self esteem building stories specifically designed for children ages 4 to 8.  Soothing music combine with  relaxation exercises to help calm your child.  Then the child goes on a fantasy journey where he or she is the main character.  Along the way positive messages are repeated to strengthen the child's self worth.  
The "You're Great!" CD includes two stories below:

The Tiny Visit

The Tiny Vist - A story that helps children build more self esteem

A whimsical tale of a magical hike through a hollow tree. The child meets a funny little girl and visits the elves of Miniville, meets the King & Queen and receives a very precious gift.

The Little Sun

The Little Sun - A story that helps children build more self esteem

An enchanting story where the child follows a little dancing sun on a beautiful journey to a planet with colorful and friendly animals to pet and play with along the way.

Instant Downloads

The programs on this CD are also available as instant audio downloads

Strengthen your child's self esteem. Short stories specifically designed to condition your child's winning attitude.

Happy child with more self esteem

Proven European method to help your child:

  • Increase Self Confidence
  • Fall Asleep Quickly
  • Succeed in School
  • Build Self Esteem
  • Feel Accepted and Loved


Instant audio downloads designed to inspire your child's imagination and build self esteem.

The "You're Great !" CD is perfect for long trips in the car or for playing as good night stories right before bedtime.  Help children get a restful sleep and wake up happier and with more energy.  $29.95