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Discover this powerful new way to help your child build self esteem. Then watch your child grow more confident and successful.

When your child says “Mom, I can’t do that” or “Mom, nobody likes me!” it may be an indication that he or she suffers from low self esteem. The way we feel about ourselves makes a huge difference in what we think we can achieve and how the world around us treats us. When we are not feeling good about ourselves, neither are the people around us — pure and simple. These programs can help.


The 3'rd Person

Have you ever seen how school teachers, coaches, relatives and friends seem to be able to ‘get through’ to your child in a way you wish you could? How they seem to have a ‘magic touch’ to get your child to do the right thing? It precisely because the 3'rd person is  not the child's parent.  Somehow their neutral voice carries more weight with your child.

Such a 3'rd person voice is what these stories are providing. These programs have been carefully designed to condition your child’s mind for a successful and winning attitude. The stories do not preach at the child, but instead take your child on a fantasy journey full of positive re-affirming messages.  

Why Parents Fail
Sad kid without self esteem

We know your situation. We have all been there. You have said “I love you” to your child a million times. You have kissed and hugged your child and explained that “new beginnings are not easy, but keep trying...". Still, your child is struggling… What can be done? Why is your love and care not working?

The problem is that your child knows that you love him or her. Yes, that’s right! When you praise your child, the child frequently filters out what you say – simply because you are the child’s parent.  The child knows your  role and knows that you are supposed to be supportive and say positive things. A neutral voice is needed.

Maximum Effect

Proven method helps your child:

  • Increase Self Confidence
  • Fall Asleep Quickly
  • Succeed in School
  • Build Self Esteem
  • Feel Accepted and Loved

Instant MP3 downloads specifically designed to inspire your child's imagination and gain self esteem.

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To ensure maximum effect, each story begins with a short relaxation exercise. To enhance the positive impact, the story telling is accompanied by a soothing relaxing musical score.

Many parents have found that playing these short stories as part of your child’s normal bedtime routine works wonders.

By repeating the stories for several days, the positive effects are amplified. Within a few days of following the stories' direction, your child begin to display a more positive attitude.

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